Hugs Week - March 28 - April 1

Hugs have been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve health and mental well-being.  So why not put some extra effort to show your fellow classmates and faculty you care by giving them a hug? 

Pick up your FREE Hugs Week Button in Lander Hall Monday, March 28 and Tuesday March 29 and wear throughout Hugs Week to let those around you know you are willing to give (and receive!) hugs!  You just may find, with a little bit of extra effort, you not only feel better, but you also make someone else’s day! 

Also Join Us for any or all of our Hugs Week Events!  These are activities designed to help you connect with your peers and provide a creative outlet for stress reduction.  Choose to attend one or all of the following lunchtime events, held from 12pm to 1pm in the specified location: 

Monday, March 28: Healing with Haiku – LH 119

Haikus are a time-honored form of poetry with a unique format.  Join us as we create and share haikus that focus on our experiences in health care and health care education. 

Tuesday, March 29:  Meditation and Gratitude – Gazebo (LH 119 if Raining)

We will begin and end this session with meditation exercises designed to help relieve anxiety and focus the mind.  In between we will engage in an exercise that focuses on listening and expressing gratitude.  And there will also be Chocolate, because why not? 

Wednesday, March 30:  Getting to Know your Faculty Game Show! – LH 119

Join us for a riveting game where you get to learn more about those who are teaching you to become health care providers.  And we aren’t talking about Undergrad degrees and hometowns.  We’re talking about favorite dance moves and first kisses. 

Thursday, March 31:  Soul Collage/Art TimeGazebo (LH 119 if Raining)

Join us as we explore pieces of ourselves through art!  We will focus on making collages and works that represent a unique element of ourselves! 

Friday, April 1:  Story Telling:  Sharing our Educational and Clinical Experiences – LH 119

Nothing connects us more and channels our empathy for others than recognizing the similarities and appreciating the differences in our individual stories.   Come and share yours with classmates and faculty. 

Please Note that all material will be provided for the above events!  Just bring your lunch and yourself!


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