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Dr. Ingrid  Lopes

Ingrid Lopes, DO

College: COP

Department: Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title: Associate Professor

E-Mail: ingrid.lopes@tu.edu

Office: Administration & Faculty 2, Rm. 115

Dr. Lopes is an osteopathic physician who is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.  Special interests include prediabetes and metabolic syndrome, learning theory, and expanding the scope of pharmacy practice. Goal: to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and heart disease through innovative, technology-enabled lifestyle intervention delivered by multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

Dr. Lopes also sees patients one day a week at a clinic in Sacramento. 

EDUCATION: Des Moines University, Des Moines, Iowa, Doctor of Osteopathy, 1988-1992.

RESIDENCY:  Broadlawns Medical Center, Family Practice Program, Des Moines, Iowa. 1992-1995.

CURRENT RESEARCH: Cost-effectiveness of a Non-invasive Prediabetes Screening Model in Community Pharmacies  This is a joint 1-2 year project between Touro University College of Pharmacy and Safeway NorCal to demonstrate the efficacy of a simple clinical algorithm utilized by pharmacists to detect prediabetes risk.  The 2nd phase of the project will determine the efficacy of lifestyle intervention led by pharmacists, based on the Diabetes Prevention Program.  This study has received IRB approval (#P-0713).


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Wu S. Liu OMS IV, I. Lopes.  Current Tobacco Use May Not Correlate with Increased Risk of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Poorly Controlled Diabetics (poster).  OMED 2013, Las Vegas, Sept/Oct 2013.

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