COM Awarded $393,250 NIH Grant

Touro University California congratulations Dr. Miriam Gochin, along with her research team of Guangyan Zhou, Shidong Chu, and Ariana Nemati, for receiving an R21 grant titled "Mechanism of indole compounds as HIV fusion inhibitors" in the amount of $393,250 from the National Institutes of Health.

The Gochin lab:

  • Is an established, state of the art drug design laboratory within the COM, with a 10 year successful, NIH funded career;
  • Designs and test molecules to prevent HIV virus attaching to immune blood cells; and
  • Has patented molecules

The Gochin lab is engaged in a drug discovery project aimed at finding small molecule inhibitors of viral fusion. The focus currently is on HIV, for which they have been funded from NIH in this new grant.

The lab is adept at:

  • medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis
  • protein synthesis and purification
  • biochemical assay development
  • NMR structural biology
  • cell biology and pseudovirus assays
  • cheminformatics and computational analysis

On a wider scale, their techniques are generally applicable to any field of study involving proteins as potential drug targets to treat disease.

You can find out more about the Gochin Lab at