Leading the Voice of California’s Osteopathic Doctors

Richard Riemer, DO, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine
President, Osteopathic Physician and Surgeons of California

Dr. Richard Riemer, OPSC President
Richard Riemer, DO
Senior Associate Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine

The College of Osteopathic Medicine once again shows its state-wide leadership. This February, Senior Associate Dean Dr. Richard Riemer was inaugurated as president of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California (OPSC). The organization represents all of the roughly 9,000 osteopathic physicians and surgeons in California. An active member since 1988, Dr. Riemer has participated in and chaired many of OPSC’s board committees, all with the goal of enabling DOs in California to continue to provide the compassionate, one-on-one patient care for which they were trained.

Dr. Riemer explains, “OPSC ensures representation for Osteopathic Physicians with the state legislature, private healthcare sector, and is the face of our profession to the public.”

He goes on to proudly cite recent accomplishments, such as equal access to training opportunities for Osteopathic  Medical students at UC Hospitals and the expert contributions to the Opioid Prescribing Guidelines adopted by both the Osteopathic and Medical Boards of California.

“We offer a unique perspective and experience,” Dr. Riemer says, proclaiming, “We live in the same house as MDs. We just have a different view out of the window.”

When asked what’s new for his term as president of OPSC, Dr. Riemer lights up and explains, “Right now, we’re establishing a new committee on Public Health. There is an expanding number of younger DO members whose interests in healthcare reach beyond the examining room.  They want to tackle issues like gun control, climate change, immigrant documentation, and bullying.”

The committee will put a portion of OPSC’s focus on community issues like addressing the stress of living in poverty, food deserts, and other social determinations of health which impact our communities and patients.

“We’re broadening our perspective and contribution, by looking upstream, not down,” says Dr. Riemer.

For more information on OPSC, visit here: http://www.opsc.org