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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Academic Year at Touro University California. As we embark on a new school year, I’d like to thank our faculty, students and staff for continuing to distinguish TUC as a place where collaborations, creativity and innovation result in noteworthy achievements and a collective purpose.

TUC is truly a special place and our motto “To Serve, To Lead, To Teach” is exemplified through our programs and community service. This past academic year, we were honored by Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis for our volunteer work in the community; we presented “The Waiting Room,” at the Empress Theatre increasing awareness of medical issues  faced by hospitals and clinics; and we received the HERO Award from the California Primary Care Association for producing the most primary care clinicians in California.

We also hosted our first Interprofessional Education Symposium, brought home “The Hammer” by defeating Touro University Nevada in the annual basketball match, and created new spaces in the back half of the building which houses our Library. The recently renovated space resulted in two new classrooms, three additional study rooms, new IT offices, and a Pharmacy Practice Center partially funded by the Long Foundation.

These are just a few of the remarkable achievements of our faculty, staff, and students. As we move forward this year, we will continue to strengthen our programs, increase connections within our community, and provide a campus with unparalleled teaching, research, and service.

Thank you for making this an academic home for all of us. Have a great fall semester!

Marilyn Hopkins, Ph.D.
Provost and Chief Operating Officer

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  Campus Updates

IPE Day 2013The IPE committee presented its third workshop on campus with a bit of a shake-up on the agenda. On August 28th, Touro University California hosted its Fall IPE event on disaster preparedness, specifically on TUC’s capacity to respond to a catastrophic earthquake. Suffice it to say, faculty, students, and staff were given a jolt of reality. Read more.






Harter wayThe 113 steps connecting the upper and lower campus were officially named Harter Way on June 17th in honor of Senior Provost and Western Division CEO Dr. Michael Harter, who is retiring after almost a decade of Touro service. Street signs planted on both the top and bottom steps were unveiled before a  crowd of TUC faculty and staff and the group celebrated at a well-decorated and well-attended reception in the Farragut Ballroom. TUC wishes Dr. Harter the best in his future endeavors! Read the story.



  TUC’s faculty, staff and students have been invited by Sol Trans to participate in a survey to gauge interest for a new fixed route service on Mare Island. The short survey will measure the interest and feasibility of new transit service for the residents, businesses, schools and other points of interest located on Mare Island. Describing your typical commute and regular travel needs will help determine the travel demand and patterns to/from Mare Island.  Answers are confidential and will not be released to any third party. Data collected will be used solely for group statistical analysis. All participants are entered for a chance to win a 10 Ride Multi-Zone Pass. To take Touro’s personalized survey, click here.

The COM Class of 2003 and their families were reunited on campus  July 19th at a festive 10 Year Reunion which included campus faculty, staff and administrators. Alums were treated to a campus tour, reception buffet and thoughtful gifts. A Sunday brunch at Scotts Seafood in Oakland  provided alums with a beautiful view of the Bay and memorable conversations. Many thanks to Jennifer Whitty, Director of Alumni Relations, and the Alumni Committee for organizing the event!

Dr. Shin Murakami hosted the 2nd Annual Biotech Academy Touro Summer Internship in June and July, where 14 high school students from Vallejo High, MIT and St. Patrick/St. Vincent participated in various health science and education activities. Discussions were led by faculty and staff representing all TUC programs, including Dr. Janet Burns, Dr. Barbara Puder, Dr. Justin Heard, Julie Charles, Dr. Teri Bilhartz, Dr. Carinne Brody, Dr. Eiman Nahmoud, Myan Trans and Dr. Shin Murakami. Read the story.

Dr. Jean-Marc Schwarz and his research team deserve grand accolades for their recent award of more than $3 million (over the course of five years) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explore the role of meal composition and its frequency on cardiovascular disease risk. The grant, awarded through COM, will help to provide new information on how two different diets (one high in sugar vs. the other high in fat) and two different meal frequencies (small frequent meals vs. large meals) affect lipid (fatty acids or their derivatives) production after a meal and overall lipid profiles that affect the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Sullivan and Dr. Annette Aalborg from the MPH program who received a NIH/FIC (Fogarty International Center) grant in partnership with Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia. The R25 award will support International Research Ethics Education and Curriculum Development Award. The two-year planning grant provides an opportunity for a subsequent five-year comprehensive implementation project.

TUC’s Safety Week took place July 22-26 on campus and was a true success! The Safety Committee did a wonderful job presenting an array of safety classes as well as simulating a campus lock-down. Special thanks to Dr. Harold Borrero, Jay Ritchie, and the entire Safety Committee for all their work!


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  Upcoming Events

September 4-6: Rosh Hashanah. Campus closes at 2 p.m. on Sept. 4; closed on Sept. 5-6.

September 13: Yom Kippur – campus closes at noon.

September 18-20; 25-27: Sukkot – campus closes at noon on Sept. 18; closed Sept. 19-20; campus closes at 2 p.m. on Sept. 25; closed Sept. 26-27. 

September 30: OMED 2013 will host its 118th Annual Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition from Monday, September 30 through Friday, October 4th at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas. DOs attending the conference will have the opportunity to earn more than 40 continuing medical education credits. To read more, click here.

October 13: Mare Island’s annual 5K Run will now be held in October. Various activities are also being planned for the day, including a leisurely and scenic half-mile outing to the historic Naval Cemetery and Rowser Garden. More details to follow.

October 25-26: TUC will co-sponsor the Fall Computer-Using Educators, Inc. Conference at American Canyon High School, where GSOE students, alumni and faculty will be presenting at various sessions.

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  Professional Activities


Good luck to Karen Yoder, who is on a one-year leave to teach at Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana. She will be teaching elementary literacy and methods, children’s literature, and supervising elementary student teachers. Michal Post, who has been with Touro for many years, will be the Interim Program Chair of the Multiple and Single Subject Teacher Credential Program.

Congratulations to Dania Massey, who is now the GSOE's Field Experience Coordinator. Dania Massey is an experienced GSOE adjunct faculty member and TPA assessment coordinator.

On June 5th, Dr. Justin Heard presented at the 2013 Pacific Circle Consortium Education Conference, Sharing Perspectives – International Conversations about Education. The presentation was entitled, "Fostering Innovative and Digital Leadership in a K-12 Administrator Preparation Program."

Congratulations to Michael Alger, GSOE adjunct faculty and alumnus, who was one of three teachers nominated for "Teacher of the Year" by Napa Valley's Adult Education Program.  In his courses, he uses iPads, Android Smartphones, and Twitter as tools to foster discussion and investigation during class.


Congratulations to Dr. Greg Gayer, who assumed the position of Chair of the Department of Basic Sciences. Dr. Gayer joined COM in 1999 and has been a stalwart in evolving curriculum. Dr. Ted Wong, who is being replaced by Dr. Gayer, is returning to the faculty.

Drs. John C. Glover, chair of OMM at TUC and Karen T. Snider, chair of OMM at ATSU-KCOM, have just released a new electronic OMM textbook entitled “Atlas of Common Counterstrain Tender Points.” This interactive textbook is currently only available for iPad users.

Dr. Eduardo Velasco presented a poster at the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) in Scotland on June 8-11 entitled, “MCAT Scores Predict Comlex Level 1 Board Exam Scores and Success,” authored by Dr. Eduardo Velasco, Dr. Michael Clearfield and Mr. Glenn Davis. The objective of this study was to assess demographic, undergraduate scores, and MCAT scores as predictors of Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination Level 1 (COMLEX1) performance.

Three Touro COMs joined forces at IAMSE to present a workshop entitled “The Pragmatism of Computer-Based Testing and Best Practices for using it”.  The panel of Touro presenters described how the three COMs implemented an exam quality improvement system using ExamSoft software for computer based testing. Presenters were Dr. Terrence Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Curriculum, TUN, Dr. Eduardo Velasco, Associate Dean of Pre-Clinical Education, Dr. David Lenihan, Dean of Preclinical Medicine, Touro  College New York.

The OMM Department, under the direction of Dr. Mitch Hiserote, started an Elective OMM Rotation in June utilizing the departmental faculty, community physicians and the Solano County Clinic.

Kudos to Dr. Mitch Hiserote, whose case write-up on Trigeminal Neuralgia, was published in May’s “The Cranial Letter” (Volume 66, Number 2). The case demonstrated efficacy of Osteopathic considerations in a complex patient presentation with compromised anatomy and physiology.

Dr. Phil Malouf completed the prestigious UCSF Northern California Faculty Development Fellowship in May 2013.

Congratulations to Dr. Nathalie Garcia-Russell, Associate Professor of Microbiology in the Department of Basic Science, who has been promoted to Assistant Dean of Clinical Education in COM.


Congratulations to Dr. Eric Ip, who recently launch “Dr. Ipster’s Cardiology Review” iPhone/iPad application! Hundreds of pharmacists and physicians have already downloaded the application to help them in clinic, board exams, and tests. The application includes 10 common cardiovascular conditions. For more information, click here.

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  New Faces

  • Amanda La, Resident, COP
  • Danesa Lerias, Academic Services Coordinator, COP
  • Candra Carr, Assistant Professor, Joint MSPAS/MPH Program
  • Alex Clerfond, Associate Professor, Joint MSPAS/MPH Program
  • Matthew Fagan, D.O., Primary Care Department faculty member, COM
  • Christine Gorey, Assistant Professor, Primary Care
  • Kristen Herzick, Resident, COP
  • Brigette Lofholm, Assistant Professor, COP
  • Matthew Lund, Resident, COP
  • Falicia Mitchell, Financial Aid Assistant
  • Kristen Wong, Resident, COP
  • Clipper Young, Resident, COP

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  Meet Jack Madderra

Robin Wempe

For Jack Madderra, Network Manager at Touro University California’s Information Technology department, being a part of Touro is synonymous with community involvement. 

He remembers vividly when TUC first came to Mare Island in 1999, when crew workers were still applying gypsum in Building 83 and Lander Hall was surrounded by scaffolds.  Regardless of all the work peppered throughout the campus, however, there remained an underlying current – TUC contributing to the community. 

“I left my prior job of 15 years to work at Touro with a focus to help Vallejo, help them grow and see something positive in the city,” said Madderra. 

And the University has made an impact in the community since arriving on Mare Island, as Madderra remarked. TUC collaborated with Solano County and the city of Vallejo to offer an H1N1 clinic, opened the doors to the Student Run Free Clinic, and partnered with Solano County to provide a greater source of care for patients in Vallejo, Fairfield, and Vacaville. 

“We continue to help build ties within the community and we’ve made great strides,” he said. 

So what does Madderra do when not the IT man seen on campus? The San Francisco native who moved to Vallejo in 1986 spends his own time volunteering in the community. Apart from supporting community gardening , neighborhood watch in Vallejo when possible, Madderra plays a beat as alum of the Blue Devils, a 15 time DCI world championship drum and bugle corps out of Concord (bluedevils.org, DCI.org). 

“I was recruited by one of my music instructors in high school. Back then, a lot of the local kids participated but now, music students from all over the world come to audition,” he said, and mentioned he once played the contrabass bugle, baritone, and trombone in Drum Corps and jazz bands. “They only have about 150 spots for the thousands of young musicians who tryout. They consider it the best drum corps and musical education in the world.” 

Although he no longer performs with the group, he helps the nonprofit by attending local Drum Corps competitions and working with other alumni to support contributions to the many musical education programs in the area supported by the Blue Devils organization. 

“It’s a great organization with a lot of talented kids,” he said. “We talk to the kids, cheer lead them on from when auditions begin in the spring, and encourage them help them work in a very competitive environment. It’s a lot fun to see them grow throughout their competitive season that ends in August.”

Three facts about Jack Madderra:

  • Served in the U.S. Navy for six years and worked as a Second Class Petty Officer and Avionics Technician. He was based at NAS Alameda, Squadron VA- 304 working on the many electronics systems that controlled the operation of the jet aircraft.  He was not stationed on Mare Island but visited the facility every two-three months.
  • Was President of North Bay Computers User’s Group(NBUG) in Solano County and worked as an engineering technician and programmer at an industrial electronics manufacturer in Martinez for 15 years.
  • Once poured wine at Charles Krug Winery when winemaker Peter Mondavi walked up behind him to talk about Sangiovese wine. Madderra is a wine collector and has a wine cellar at home.

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  Tech Tips

Protecting data and information is everybody’s business, especially in today’s computer-driven society. The Information Technology Department uses antivirus software and passwords to protect precious and private data. Recently, we’ve started to implement encryption technologies on campus computers. For more information about how encryption impacts you, your data and your computer, please visit http://it.tu.edu/encryption.html.

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Assessment and Accreditation


TUC (and its branch campus TUN) are requested to submit an Interim Report to WASC by March 2014.  In this report, we will respond to five recommendations: institutional outcomes, clinical education, program review, system relationships, and faculty development.  The WET Team has designated individuals to start work now on drafting written responses for the report.


In the year of 2012-2013, TUC academic programs and student services departments assessed the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) 7&8: “Access and evaluate information” and “Commit to lifelong learning.” Assessment reports are due on October 1, 2013 so findings can be shared with the WASC WET Team. (In case you are wondering, the TUC representatives on the WET team are Marilyn Hopkins, Meiling Tang, Lisa Waits, Katherine Knapp and Glen Davis.)


The TUC program review committee (PRC) met on June 13 to discuss the MSMHS-COM program review Findings & Recommendations based on the program self-study and the external review report.   The PRC Findings & Recommendations were submitted to the program chair, the college dean and the provost. The provost will share a Memorandum of Understanding with stakeholders August 2013.

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   Institutional Advancement 

If you want to make a difference in the life of a TUC student, you can at any time make a tax deductible gift through the tu.edu website. Go to our home page and click on the gray bar that says “Make a Gift.” It will take you to a Commerce Manager page that accepts credit card payments. You can make a gift to a student scholarship in a particular college, the university Student Emergency Fund or a general category called “Where the Need is Greatest.” Every dollar stays on our campus and helps our own students.

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