TUC's 2016-2017 Student Government Association

The vision of Touro University California’s Student Government Association 2016-2017 is to foster camaraderie between the different colleges as well as to bridge the gap between students, faculty, and administration. Together the executive officers share a single mission: to bring together our students and provide an atmosphere conducive to creating exemplary health professionals. This goal shall be accomplished by listening to and working with the students, developing our inter-professionalism skills by bringing colleagues from different colleges together, and providing outlets for students and faculty alike to interact and share their concerns and ideas. We aim to leave a lasting legacy behind and look forward to an exciting year filled with opportunities for innovation and growth as a community.

President-Ava Mahan
VP of Student Affairs-Truc Huynh COP
VP of Social Affairs-Cindy Duong COP
VP of Community Outreach-Steven Munassi COM
VP of Alumni Affairs-Sadaf Nawabi COP
VP of Academic Affairs-Christopher O. Yee COP
VP of Athletics-Matthew Paparian COM
VP of Finance-Grace Nguyen PA/MPH
VP of IT-Mohammad Khorsand COM
VP of Archives-Joseph Mak COM
VP of Insurance-Tran Nguyen COP
VP of Communications-Uyen Thai COP