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TUC College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2019 has Highest Match Rate in TUCOM History

This Class is the 19th graduating class of TUC is the largest contingent of matches in California in our history.

Vallejo, CA (March 26, 2019): Touro University of California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCCOM) Class of 2019 celebrated a successful national residency match on Friday, March 15 with students being matched to 17 different medical specialties ranging from internal medicine to emergency medicine to psychiatry. This represents the highest match rate in TUCCOM history with graduates matched all over the country and even one in Europe!
“Speaking on behalf of our faculty and administration, we are so proud of our students who continually exceed our expectations," said Dean Michael Clearfield, DO. "As a COM we strive to provide our students with a competitive edge, but it is truly the student body itself that must translate that competitive edge into a tangible reality, which is clearly exemplified with this stellar match. Congratulations to the Class of 2019, the newest generation of osteopathic physicians, as they embark on the next phase of their medical careers.”
All across the country graduates of medical schools learned where they will be going for residency in a simultaneous release of results. The matching process starts in a student’s last year of medical school where students apply to various residency programs and submit a rank order list of their choices to the National Resident Matching Program. Residency programs also submit a list of their candidates in preferred order. The Matching Program then uses a computer algorithm to match students to residencies. While in residency, graduates gain specialized training in their area of focus.
TUCCOM’s Class of 2019 is the 19th graduating class of the college, soon to join over 2000 alumni osteopathic physicians in various specialties. Highlights of this year’s residency match include:
  • Six graduates in the United States Military Health Professions Scholarship Program, representing the Army, Air Force and Navy
  • Higher match rates than the national average in ALL medical specialties
  • The largest contingent of matches in California in TUCCOM history at 56
  • Matches from Alaska to Florida, California to Massachusetts and even the first ever match to graduate training in Europe
“Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for having the highest match rate in our history,” said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Sarah Sweitzer. “We are thrilled not only for you, but for the thousands of lives you will impact throughout California and the rest of the country as you continue to live out Touro’s mission, ‘To Serve, To Lead, To Teach.’”

About the Touro College and University System:

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