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  • Touro University California's Student-Run Free Clinic offering seven-week long Diabetes Education Program

For Immediate Release

Contact: Andrea E. Garcia, Touro University California
Associate Vice President, University Advancement

W: (707) 638-5272
C: (707) 704-6101

Touro University California's Student-Run Free Clinic offering seven-week long Diabetes Education Program

(Vallejo, CA – March 24, 2016) – Touro University California’s (TUC) Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) will offer a seven-week long Diabetes Education Program, in both English and Spanish, which ends on April 11, 2016. These free hour-long courses will cover basic diabetes information and lifestyle changes needed for diabetes management for diabetics and their families. The program will provide demonstrations and personal help with self-care such as glucometer use and foot exams. Diabetes supplies, nutritional and behavioral health aids will also be available to participants. 

The course will be held at the Norman C. King Community Center at 545 Magazine Street in Vallejo every Monday evening. They will be taught by a team of students from Touro University California’s College of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Education, and Public Health, and it’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. A licensed clinician will also be present at each session to provide direct, on-site supervision. 

Diabetes is a growing health problem in the United States. According to the most recent study of national data “Diabetes in California Counties” released in 2009 by the California Diabetes Program in association with the California Department of Health, over 1 in 10 adults in California have diabetes. The same study finds that in Solano County, 8.5% of the population has been diagnosed with diabetes, and the number is expected to rise as more people gain access to health care. It is a chronic disease that is life changing and affects both the diabetics and their families. Education, support, and self-management are necessary to creating lifestyle changes that help diabetics and their families lead a happier, healthier life. Until now, however, Vallejo – one of Solano County’s largest cities – has not had a comprehensive diabetes education program for the general community. 

Touro’s diabetes education program is geared toward people with newly diagnosed and existing Type II diabetes as well as family members.  The program offers supportive group education covering: The ABCs of Diabetes and Glucometer Use, Diabetic Foot care and Other Diabetes-Related Health issues, Diet and Nutrition, Medications, Stress Management and Behavioral Health, and Getting the Most out of a Doctor’s Visit. An additional optional week will explore a topic of the participants’ choosing. One-on-one counseling on smoking cessation is also available for those interested. 

“As a health care provider, having the opportunity to refer my patients to a free quality program is very exciting. This diabetes program fills a very real need in Vallejo for diabetes education.  I will be referring my patients to the program,” says Joy Dugan MSPAS, MPH, PA-C who is faculty at Touro University, but also serves patients daily at Vallejo’s Solano County Family Health Services Clinic.

Registration is free to all community members and up to one (1) member of their families.  Registration can be made directly through the Student Run Free Clinic over the phone at (707) 653-6331, or online at http://www.tourofreeclinic.org.  SRFC will also register participants through referrals from other organizations.

About the Touro College and University System:

Touro University California is a Jewish nonprofit, independent graduate institution of higher learning founded in 1997 on three Judaic values: social justice, the pursuit of knowledge and service to humanity. The university, home to 1,400 students, has professional programs in osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, public health, nursing, and education. Faculty, staff and students have a powerful commitment to academic excellence, evidence-based professional practice, inter-professional collaboration, and active engagement with a global community. To learn more, visit www.tu.edu or call 707-638-5200.